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100% safe and environmentally friendly. Immediate benefits of installing BA-008 includes: diminishing allergens, eleminating of odor caused by microbial contamination, restoring indoor ecological balance. BetterAir’s Environmental Probiotics are safe, organic and chemical-free. The BA-008 home dispenser automatically releases a carefully cultured probiotic vapor compound into the air. The probiotics land on surfaces and travel around consuming resources and thus rapidly multiplying. Increasing the ratio of good to bad bacteria results in a healthy microbiome.

BetterAir BA-008 Eco-Balancing System is suitable for a variety of indoor spaces, including homes, small offices, gyms, beauty salons, clinics, hospitals, schools up to 800 sq.ft. With a continuous release of Environmental Probiotics, BetterAir creates a protective, microscopic layer of microflora which coats and shields all indoor surfaces.

BetterAir has been proven to eliminate a virus akin to the coronavirus family on surfaces by 99.99%.

BA-008 Environmental Probiotics Eco-Balancing System

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