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Let's celebrate gorgeous eyebrows

Brow extensions are one of the newest trends to hit United Arab Emirates and Middle East. Beauty Extend is among one of the very first introduce eyebrow extensions in the region. Brows are shaped according to our facial features and can really frame our appearance by enhancing our looks. Not to mention, making those eyes pop! Unfortunately, through various trends, medical conditions and treatments have caused eyebrow growth to be difficult. Eyebrow extensions were introduced as a semi-permanent solution to those lusting a thicker brow without having to go through a pain and long-lasting effects of getting a tattoo.

The brow extensions are very similar to eyelash extensions and are made of synthetic hair. The hair is made of a material called PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), same as what eyelash extensions are made of. The hair bonded in place with an adhesive specially designed to bond with skin. This medical grade adhesive is used by doctors to close wounds and, therefore, neither irritates nor causes reactions. Since, some extensions may be applied directly onto the skin, they do not last long and shed sooner due to the fact that skin oil breaks down the adhesive. Brows last from 7 to 14 days on clients with normal to dry skin types. The client may open her eyes during the painless procedure and can always have a look to see how the brow technician is doing.

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