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Something about hair extensions

Unlike European and Asian hair, Indian hair is very strong and its structure allows to perform any kind of treatment, blending seamlessly with natural hair, while adding more volume.

Remy quality hair is only collected within Indian temples. According to this Hindu ritual, Indian women and men bring their own hair as a precious tribute to gods as a good omen. The hair is then sold at auction, and the proceeds of sales are used to support local populations.

Seiseta participates in these auctions on a regular basis, as it recognises their immense value.

In the Hair Beauty sector, Remy high quality is ensured by the fact that the hair is tied up in locks before being cut. This allows to keep the cuticles aligned in the same direction, from the root to the ends. This way, the hair manages to maintain its natural strength, and can be treated in the laboratories to get waves, and different length and colour nuances without damaging its natural structure.

Manufacturer's main goal is to optimize the quality of the products. That is why Seiseta chose not to use acids or chemicals that damage her hair, but uses very accurate and specific techniques developed by the company with the ultimate goal of getting strong, healthy, shiny and silky hair.

To ensure high quality, 80% of the hair extension production phases are performed by hand at the factory in Italy.

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