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Eyelash Extensions and Allergic Reactions

For the most part, not a lot of people have reactions to any part of the eyelash extension application process. However allergies can happen to anyone at any time.

Allergic reactions can be caused by tape, adhesive, cleansers, primers and even the extensions themselves. They can happen after years of normal wear with no previous reaction or they can happen every single time depending on your sensitivity.

But let's get into the main cause of most reactions: adhesives. All adhesives used in Alluring Lengths Lashes application process are of medical grade. This means they share similar ingredients to adhesives used in hospitals to close wounds and seal sutures. If you have had any contact with adhesives, a reaction can occur immediately or up to 24 hours after first contact.

Please note there is a difference between an allergic reaction and just a slight irritation. Irritation can be caused from the edge of the pad or tape being too close to your eyeball causing what looks like a red line across the bottom of your eye. It can also occur if you open your eyes too quickly after or during application and are exposed to adhesive fumes. Any redness or irritation that occurs from the application should subside within the same day. It is important to note that an allergic reaction will have both itching and swelling where a slight irritation does not.

Here are our tips to help you out if you think are you are experiencing a reaction:

1. Take an Antihistamine (allergy medication) Medication such as Benadryl can be purchased over the counter. It helps relieve symptoms associated with allergies such as redness, irritation and swelling. Please consult your doctor before taking and follow the directions on the package for appropriate dosage.

TIP: Although we recommend not getting lash extensions done if you are aware of an existing allergy, many people have success with taking an antihistamine before their appointment. This will help to reduce the severity of an allergy before, during and after the service if one were to occur .

2. Remove all lashes and adhesive

We know it's heartbreaking, but if you are having a reaction you must get your lash extensions removed. Trying to remove them yourself by pulling or plucking will result in damaged lashes. Additionally when you pull or pluck your extensions out, you are not removing every trace of adhesive, therefore your eyes are still in contact with the allergen. Set up an appointment with your lash tech immediately to have them removed. This is considered an emergency appointment with Alluring Lengths Lashes, and all measures will be taken to get you in right away.

If you are from out of town or can't make it in for an appointment, we have some at home remedies that you may have some success with:

Oil: Cocout oil, baby oil, olive oil applied to the lashes and left to soak for approximately 10-20 minutes will help to break down the adhesive and allow you to wipe away the extensions.

Vaseline: Using vaseline may be easier than using a type of oil as the thick consistency will allow it to settle on your lashes and lashline and stay in place. Allow to sit for 10-20 minutes before wiping away.

3. Rinse

Whichever type of removal you do, make sure you rinse your eyes with warm water for 5 minutes afterward. The warm water helps to remove any excess oil from your eye area. After rinsing with warm water, follow with a cool water rinse to remove impurities and sooth the eyes.

4. Cool Compress

Following the removal and rinsing of your eyes, apply a cool compress to the eyes. Using bags of ice or a frozen gel eye mask will be helpful. The cooling sensation will help soothe the eye area and reduce swelling. Try sleeping with a cool gel eye mask overnight.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Is your skin still itchy or red? Applying a small amount of aloe vera gel may help. It's proven to help calm redness, itching and burning. Please sake sure to double check the ingredients for any allergies to any product before using.

Any future eyelash extension appointments should be taken with extreme caution as no guarantee can be given that you will not have another reaction. Your lash tech may refuse you if you have had any history of allergies, this is for your own safety!

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