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2D and 3D volume lashes - Yes or No?

2D and 3D pre-fanned volume eyelash extensions are applied the same way as you apply regular one-by-one single eyelash extensions. 3-4 pre-fanned lash extensions are individually placed on the sticker strips for quick and easy pickup and application. You get about 300-400 eyelash extensions on each eye with the full set of 3D/4D lashes rather than the regular 80-100 extensions with the classic 1:1 lash extension technique. One 3D lash gives the effect of a three pre-fanned lashes, which allows to speed up the application process.

2D lashes

These lashes in particular, and the volume lash application technique in general, are ideal choice for skilled lash artists who have completed their classic eyelash extension training course and gained essential experience.

2D lashes

What are the main benefits of using 2D and 3D lashes for the salons and freelancers alike?! First of all, these lashes will allow reducing the application time thus enabling the salons and lash bars accommodate more clients. Second, clients absolutely love volume lashes as they are fluffier and offer more dramatic look.

Volume lashes offer dashing and dramatic look

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